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Do you have a favorite website? Let me know I will consider adding it to my list.

Reference Websites
A great resource for tracking down specific articles.

Magazine Websites
Advertising Age, America’s leading advertising trade journal.
This monthly magazine is a must for anyone doing contemporary marketing analysis.
This monthly magazine is a leader in contemporary business thought for small, aggressive businesses.

Marketing Statistics and Research Websites
America’s official census site for statistics and information.
Jupiter Media Metrix is the premier web statistic and tracking service in America.
State of Oregon’s official site for current tourism research.
Business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and ebusiness resource containing
four hundred articles, interviews with small business owners and
entrepreneurs, a directory of Entrepreneurs, and a discussion forum.
Provides information on search engine optimization and the book ‘Obtaining
a #1 Ranking in the Search Engines’ by Ryan P. Allis.
A resource for anyone wanting to learn about permission-based email
marketing, sending out a newsletter, managing an email list, and the
different email list management programs.